NLS + 24H


The Nordschleife is considered the most legendary and breathtaking race track in the world. The races that take place on this almost 25 km long asphalt strip demand everything from the team, vehicles and drivers. In the NLS, nine endurance races are held for around 30 vehicle classes with well over 100 vehicles. The endurance series runs over four or six hours. Here, it is possible to field up to four drivers on one vehicle.

At the toughest 24-hour race in the world, the race even takes place in the dark over the "Green Hell". Anyone who has experienced this emotionally charged event in the Eifel is looking forward to witnessing this adrenaline-charged spectacle anew every year. This unique feeling, which unfolds after the 24 hours have been mastered, is indescribable.

Tiredness and effort are forgotten and pure euphoria is felt, because the past 24 hours including all the highs and lows have been completed together. It can not be put into words, you have to have been there!