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It's an incredible feeling: the seconds before the traffic light finally turns green. Pure tension, trembling and a queasy feeling in the stomach. The duel on the track becomes an emotional roller coaster for the pit crew. Final lap: the last minutes and the last chance to win or lose. Such adrenaline-charged, emotional action can't really be put into words. One must have experienced it...

With the fall of the checkered flag not only the tension falls - no, even the hours that each individual has sacrificed with blood and sweat to make exactly this possible are forgotten all at once.

A special but also hard and intensive job. The hours leading up to the trophy are exhausting and nervewracking. Only those who, in addition to their skills, also bring the necessary motivation and the unconditional will to win, can keep up in everyday motorsport.

You want to go beyond your limits, want to share unique moments of victory and defeat with us and enrich our team with your special skills.... Then apply now to join us!